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Graphic Design


Logotype designed for the band Vroom. 

Etiam Tu

Logotype designed for the band Etiam Tu, as well as other visuals including the single cover for their “Kantun (A di si ti)” cover song. 


Logotype design for NIZ – a company that specializes in supervising and maintaining real estate.

Kuća svjetla

Logotype design for an alternative & holistic health service “Kuća svjetla”. 

Nicol Red

Logotype design for the singer Nicol Red. The logotype has two looks: vampire and devil look. For the promotion of single Noc†urna an animation was made. Cover illustration by Lucia Ugrin.

7th Art History Day & Puriteka

Designed and prepared the text for Puriteka 6 – Art and modern technologies – New Media Art.
For 7th Art History Day in Rijeka designed the poster, programme, accreditations, and other materials, drew the illustration and designed and prepared the text for  Puriteka 7

Ikon 11 & 12

Designed and prepared the text for Ikon 11, and designed the cover for Ikon 12

Posters 2017 - 2018

Posters designed throughout 2017 – 2018 for the Academy of Applied Arts (exhibitions “Tajni prolaz” ,and “Dijagnoze”, and show “Dobri čovjek iz Sečuana”), Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Rijeka, Croatia (conferences “Ikonografija boli”, and  “Vera Imago”), and  for Nika Ivančić (show “Cabaret Valeska”).