Krav Maga Comics

Comic book series inspired by trainings of Krav Maga. Any resemblance to real persons or events is deliberate. 

Portrait Illustrations

Illustrative portrait project that started with this poster. For those who don’t speak Croatian (and/or are not from the Balkans) the text is a word play for a homonym “plakat” which means “to cry” or “poster”. In this case, I referred to a designer’s point of view when you don’t know whether to create or to cry.

Grimm - darker side of fairy tales

Illustration of brothers Grimm’s fairytales in their original and slightly morbid edition. Grimm’s fairytales carry archetypal meanining within themselves, personifications that are always current which allows the creation of contemporary illustrations and applying them in the present. For it to be more accessible to a greater number of readers, text in the books, and all other supporting materials is written in English.

Prospekt calendar 2021

All designers from the company Prospekt illustrated specific months for the calendar. I was assigned with July and September. Together we illustrated December – gingerbread man and the candy cane are my contributions.

Botanical Illustration

Botanical illustrations of tomato, coffee, and tobacco. They were exhibited at the gallery Laval Nugent during the Day of botanical illustration and art in 2017. in Zagreb, Croatia. 

Hidden Figures

Three women are illustrated – Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan i Katherine Johnson, who had a key role during the 60’s in the early NASA projects. They were scientists, mathematitians, the so-called human computers who calculated everything that was needed for those projects. After NASA acquired IBM’s computer they were tasked to re-check its calculations. The illustrations were exhibited at the 15. Festival of Science in Rijeka, Croatia.